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Board Members

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Abdulziz bin Saud Al Saud

Board Member

Abdulaziz Bin Saud is the founder of Alriyadah Investments and has been at the helm as the Chief Executive Officer since inception in 2017.  Abdulaziz is adept at building a portfolio of growth-oriented real estate and energy assets. Focusing on the developing, structuring, and financing of yield-generating ventures.

Leo J. Wyss

Board Member

Leo currently serves as CEO for Wyss & Partner AG, a private asset management and investment counsel he formed in 1995, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Authority.

Timothy Scheller


Board Member

Timothy has established Alriyadah Innovations as the investment and service subsidiary of Alriyadah Investments, focused on bringing new and innovative business solutions, technologies and foreign investment to the Kingdom, and firmly localizing them in Saudi Arabia. Timothy helped design the Mission-driven Innovation Platform and a strategic plan of how to build Alriyadah Innovations into a capable service provider on world-class level towards the climate change and renewable energy stakeholders in the Kingdom and internationally.

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Alriyadah Investments At A Glance

  • 1990: First international investment.

  • 2010: First hospitality investment.

  • 2017: The founding of Arabian Power.

  • 2018: Completion of our first renewable energy project in the Western Kingdom region of Saudi Arabia.

  • 2019: Expansion of our renewable energy  project development scope to include the commercial and industrial sector.

Alriyadah Investments will contribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 as a self-sustainable and progressive force, transitioning towards new and sustainable economy that is inherently more competitive. We are fully committed to the seven principles of the UN Global Compact on Human Rights, Labor, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Empowering Innovation for Future Generations

With decades of experience in investing in real estate, renewable energy, entertainment and hospitality industries, Alriyadah Investments has been driving growth through innovation and collaborations designed to emphasize local development and global connectivity.

Our vision is to create a self-sustainable platform enabling economic development and industrial growth through our investments and global partnerships. A platform which builds the foundation for empowering innovation for future generations.

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Our vision is to create a progressive and self-sustainable investment platform which enables generation of superior returns with emphasis on global partnerships and talent exchange  through our investments. A platform which can build the foundation for achieving environmentally sustainable goals and empower innovation for future generations.

Alriyadah Investments is as committed to social responsibility as it is to our private investors. More importantly, we’re committed to adding value to the industries in which we work to build the long-term foundations for a dynamic and advanced economy in the Middle East.

We combine time-tested investment principles with our decades long experience in investing. 

We aim to improve the sustainability, competitiveness and performance capabilities of the entities we invest in, through innovative technologies and our network of global partnerships. We help them rethink business models and strategies, develop procedures and processes for corporate governance and risk management and build the platforms for sustainability with opportunities for improvements.

Our unique selling proposition is the combination of global network, business expertise, and transformation knowledge.

We understand the processes and business models of our investments and know how they can exploit technology to gain a competitive edge. Our skills are delivered to the  investees, working alongside the management, in pursuit of their higher objectives.

Recent surveys indicate that the service sector contributes to over 35 percent of Saudi Arabia’s GDP, employing two-thirds of its workforce with hospitality and tourism being key industries.  Foreign investments have more than doubled in 2018. $20 billion of foreign investment was announced in 2019. $124 billion investment has been projected through 2022 in the energy sector alone. This trend is indicative of a strong industrial growth requiring a talent pool capable of managing this expansion.  

Concerns about climate change will continue to be one of the most challenging issues for decades to come. International regulatory standards and consumer opinion will drive a new environmental awareness and scrutiny. Industries must learn to innovate and adapt to this change through increasing the use of renewable energy resources. Alriyadah Investments is fully committed to drive this shift by investing in a host of renewable energy solutions, with a particular focus on solar energy development.

Businesses need assurance. They need innovation. And above all, they need talent..  We recognize that development can only be achieved through collaboration and exchange at an international scale. By bridging the gap between local and global markets, Alriyadah Investments aims to impact both economic growth and the quality of life for us all.

We are headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our outlook is global. We invest throughout North America, Europe, Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

Our agenda is driven by three fundamental cornerstones:


We collaborate with foreign partners whose investment strategies are driven by growth and investment in emerging markets.


We are committed to long-term projects sustaining both global and local communities.


Between domestic and international markets.

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